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General Server Rules

No Inappropriate Links in Chat

  • No Pornographic Links
  • No Violent Content
  • No Links to Competing Services
  • No Links to Illegal Content (Torrent Services, Illegal Downloads, etc.)
  • Do not link anything that would serve to violate any other rule
  • Do not link anything that is meant to compromise or otherwise harm the integrity of a person’s system (Ex: Phishing Links, Trojans, etc)

No Harassment

  • Excessive, bothersome acts which are meant to disrupt or otherwise infringe on another player's enjoyment of their time on A’therys. This can include excessive whispering or anything you have been asked to stop doing by the player in question.
  • Bullying will also fall under harassment and will not be tolerated. This means verbal bullying or severe harassment which seeks to ruin, or infringe upon, another players play experience.
  • If you feel you are being harassed, you need to ask the person harassing you to STOP. After this point, if it has not stopped, please report this to a staff member. Your request to STOP will be verified through our logs and dealt with in accordance to our violation guidelines.

No Excessive Language

  • Excessively profane language such as racist, sexist, homophobic, or sectarianism comments. Simply speaking, do not be horrible to other people (Cussing in general, keep the chats clean.)
  • English (UK/ USA/ Canadian...etc) is the main language that is used to communicate throughout all services of A’therys. You should not use any other languages to communicate particularly in public channels, and when prompted by staff you should stop.

No Hacking (Attempting)

  • While our system is in place, if you are caught trying to skirt this system and hack or otherwise cheat the system, it will result in instant removal across all A'therys services.
    • This also includes the use of AFK machines or any other ways to circumvent something which is within the server mechanics. (we do not have an AFK kicker for no reason.)
  • If you know of any person who is attempting to hack on the server or exploit in any way, please promptly report it.
  • If an exploit is discovered, and you are not sure if it is an exploit, err to the side of caution and report it. You will be informed if it is legit or not. It is best to check and see than to try it and end up banned.

No Scamming

  • This refers to players scamming other players out of materials, money or things of that nature in game.
  • This does not cover real life money exchanges between players for materials or Yora in game.

Town Rules

  • Any Islands without assigned nations at launch (Check the map) can be claimed by any of the nations by placing a town on them.
  • Neutral islands: Towns can only be placed on neutral islands if they either have no town on it or are of the same nation as the town(s) already placed in that island.
  • Once plots are assigned to a town, they remain with the town, no exceptions.
  • Towns can only buy additional plots for Yora if the already assigned plots are actually used.
  • Once a town is placed it will not be moved under any circumstance (this includes nation switching of towns on "neutral islands").
  • You cannot ‘combine towns'.
  • After 1 month of inactivity, Town Mayors forfeit their town to an active assistant. If there are no active assistants, the town is removed.
  • Towns must have a minimum of (80) blocks between borders.
  • Animal Farms: No more than 20 animals per 40 block area.
  • No lag inducing structures (large / excessively large), this includes redstone farms, automated crop farms, clocks and or redstone devices. If you are unsure whether or not your build is to large please contact a staff member. Breaking this rules will warrant an Admin to come along and just remove it all.
  • All town plots must be connected. No 'outposts' or 'floating plots' are allowed.
  • Having an alt account in other towns is fine but if that alt is used to invite raiding parties into the town or to steal from that town, this action is prohibited.
  • Changing your nation multiple times is considered nation hopping and will result in a warning and then a ban if repeated. If you are not happy with your nation you may move once. If after that you find yourself unhappy, you may move no more than once every 2 weeks.

LWC Rules

Doors, Chests, Furnaces, Trapdoors all fall under these rules.

  • Unlocked chests may be stolen from. Stealing is legal (aside from in the case of rule 3). However griefing/destroying blocks in order to steal is not allowed aka vaults. Vaults however are only applicable if they are within a town. Wilderness vaults are at your own risk and can be stolen from.
  • Any chest that has not been accessed in 30 days can be unlocked at request from a Staff member. Please do not make requests for chests to be unlocked. Exception: Its 14 Days for wilderness chests and staff designated starter towns.
  • It is your responsibility to take care of your own chest placement and lock placements.
  • Mayors and Co-Mayors can ask Staff to move chests (locks will be reset) after a 14 day player inactivity (depending on chest amount this may be refused or not done right away).
  • Joining a town with the sole intention of stealing from that towns chests is illegal.

PvP Rules

No PvP Hopping in Combat

PvP hopping is the act of deliberately moving from a PvP-on place to a PvP-off place for the purpose of avoiding PvP. This rule only applies when you are actively engaged in PvP. If you are in combat, then you must remain in a PvP-on location until the combat has concluded.

No Camping

Camping is the act of being in another player's town (without their consent) for longer than 15 minutes. As a raider: You are entitled to a 15-minute long raid. Once the time is up, you must leave, unless the town you're raiding has clearly stated that they don't mind you staying. As the town being raided: You must enforce the rule, if you want the raiders to leave. Otherwise, it will be assumed that you don't mind the raiders staying more than 15 minutes. If the raiders refuse to leave, get staff involved.

No Spawn Killing

You may not wait at a town's spawn location (wherever their Home is) for the purpose of killing players as they /home.

Limit on Player Kills

You may kill each player in the town you're raiding twice. After that, you may not kill the player again, unless they attack you first.

Limit on Raiding

Each individual player may not raid the same town more than twice a day, unless it is agreed upon by both sides.

Break in-between Raids

  • As a raider, you are entitled to two 15-minute long raids of each town every day. However, you cannot raid the same town back-to-back, 2 times in a row. Before raiding the same town for a second time, you must wait 30 minutes, in order to allow the other side to recuperate and prepare for another assault.
  • You do not have to wait 30 minutes between raiding 2+ different towns. For example: You raid Town A. Now you have 30 minutes before you can raid them again. Instead of going home or waiting idly, you can choose to raid Town B. If raiding Town B took 30 minutes or more, then you can immediately go back to Town A to raid them for the last time, etc. As long as each town has that break in between raids, you're fine.

Nation Killing

  • You may not kill others in your own nation. There are only 2 exceptions:
    • You may nation kill if your Nation Head has formally decided to allow it, or -
    • You may nation kill if it is agreed upon by both towns involved, such as for training purposes.
  • Alt accounts: It is not considered nation killing if you are using an alternate account that lives in another nation.
  • Outlaw towns: If a town is outlawed by the Nation Head, then they are no longer protected by the nation killing rule. They may be killed by others in their nation, within the boundaries of the rest of the rules (only 2 times/day, etc).

Exploiting Skills

  • Skills such as bloodbend, position swap, tether, and voidgate may only be used for their intended purposes: gap closing, or navigating over obstacles (such as walls). Misuse of these skills is considered exploitative, and is not allowed.
  • Mounts: The same rule applies to mounts. You may not use your mount to glitch through objects, regardless of circumstances. If you are stuck, make a ticket to ask a staff member for help. If no staff is online, then /home.
  • Abusing skills in a no-PvP zone: You may not use skills in a no-PvP zone for the purpose of endangering players or moving them into PvP-enabled areas.
  • Using Confuse in a no-PvP town in order to throw a player into wilderness.
  • Using Web in in order to trap players while in the PvE world, so that the trapped players can be killed by mobs. If you find that players are deliberately stealing your kills at /golevel and they refuse to quit, then ask for staff intervention.

Lava in PvP

You may not use lava buckets to dump lava on players (or around players) while engaged in PvP.


  • Traps are allowed, as long as they meet one of the following requirements:
  • It kills the trapped player instantly; or -
  • It kills the trapped player with constant damage over time; or -
  • It has a way for the trapped player to escape, in the form of an exit, or the /home command
    • This means that if a player were trapped in a structure without exits they could use, you could not keep attacking them for the purpose of entering them into combat and keeping them stuck there. If you attacked, then you would either have to kill them or stop attacking long enough for them to be out of combat so they could /home.

Staff will only be involved when prompted. It is the player's responsibility to call upon staff for help, not for staff to micromanage every instance of PvP on the server. If you find that these rules are being violated, please make a ticket. Keep in mind that these rules are here to protect those that want to be protected. Not every player will choose to have staff intervene and enforce the rules.

Roleplay Rules

  • If you come across a group of roleplayers/roleplaying and you do not wish to interact with them in character or they do not wish to include you, please respect them and do not interfere or disrupt their roleplay.
  • Roleplay of adult or sexualised nature is forbidden. Please remember that there are children that play on this server.
  • Roleplay is not an excuse to harass players or disrupt the server.

Wilderness Rules

  • Purposefully making a mess of the wilderness is not allowed. This is wilderness griefing. You can destroy buildings in the wilderness ONLY if you destroy them completely.
  • Animal Farms: No more than 20 animals per 40 block area.
  • No lag inducing structures (large / excessively large), this includes redstone farms, automated crop farms, clocks and or redstone devices. If you are unsure whether or not your build is to large please contact a staff member. Breaking this rule will warrant an admin to come along and just remove them all.


  1. All rules are designed to ensure that the player has a good experience within A’therys. We have always believed in a strict approach when enforcing the rules and will not always give warnings. All banned players have the ability to submit a ban appeal. Ban appeals are not counted as a high priority so do not ask when yours will be processed.
  2. The rules may seem a little broad in places, but that is to ensure that all potential harmful acts to the server are covered, and that players cannot ‘lawyer’ their way out of trouble. Staff members are expected to act appropriately in regard to their enforcement of the rules, and should not abuse the scope of the rules to their advantage.
  3. If you believe a staff member is abusing the broadness of the rules then report it to HR immediately.

All of these rules are long because we want to help you. By making all of the rules very clear and specific, we are doing as much as we can to help steer you guys away from trouble.